Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Miley Cyrus Nude PHOTO SCANDAL and who is Ric Alonso (Porn star work with Miss America)


Who is Ric Alonso (Porn star works with Miss America?)

The Miss America pageant stands for the empowerment of women, traditional values and wholesome entertainment, but has exclusively learned that one of the main sponsors for the California preliminaries moonlights as a porn star and runs gay porn websites.
Ric Alonso and his partner of 21 years, Ernie Koneck, are both highly involved in the Southern California Scholarship Association — a nonprofit that produces the Miss Hollywood pageant, which is an official preliminary to Miss California and Miss America.

Miss America Reuters 640
But has discovered that Ric goes by the pseudonym Jake Cruise, a gay porn star and producer that owns three hardcore adult websites. “My movies are not your typical gay porn. I’m in a lot of the movies,” Ric says on one of his porn sites. “As you can see I’m your average middle aged gay man who likes to have fun with hot guys of all ages... One thing I strive for is that we all have fun while having sex.” In 2011 Ric was named as the first of the organization’s major scholarship donors, and his partner Ernie sits on the board and is the Executive Director.

Miss America

Ric and Ernie also own EKRA Group Inc. and a web design company called Dancing Moose Interactive that is responsible for designing the Miss California website.
As if the pageants aren’t direct conflict enough with Ric’s career in porn, he also launched a multi-faith website in 2000 devoted to “prayer launches” called, which no longer exists. “I really love the 14 or so years I’ve been involved with Miss America at the local and state level,” Ernie states on his Facebook page. And love seeing what involvement in the program can do for the participants.” reached out to the Southern California Scholarship Association for comment but got no response. (RadarOnline)

Miley Cyrus Nude PHOTO SCANDAL

MILEY CYRUS is caught up once again in a nude photo and drug scandal, and sources say her father Billy Ray is furious! The “Achy Breaky Heart” singer ripped into his daughter after a breast-baring photo circulated among her friends, and she called herself a “stoner” at her 19th birth­day party. “Billy Ray read Miley the riot act!” an insider close to the family told The ENQUIRER. “He told her in no uncertain terms that she could seriously damage her career. But Miley has told her dad that she’s almost 20 years old and an adult now. She’s no longer a Disney princess!”In the shocking photo, which The ENQUIRER has seen, Miley pulls down her white tank top to reveal her left breast. The picture was apparently snapped in 2008, but it’s just now making the rounds among her friends.

And NOW, shockingly  the internet!But it's not the first time the former “Hannah Montana” star has been involved in a nude photo scandal.

Last May, she flashed her breasts while shopping with her mother Tish during a tour stop in Chile.Before that, controversial semi-nude photos of Miley were published in “Vanity Fair”

magazine – and hacked cell-phone photos of Miley, then 14, taking a shower in a wet T-shirt were circulated.


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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why Herman Cain to Quit Presidential Race.(Video)

Herman Cain Picture

Amid a flurry of salacious allegations, GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain is thinking seriously about becoming former GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain.All before a single vote has been cast in the race, no less.

The Georgia businessman told his staff this morning that he's "reassessing" his bid for the White House after yet another female accuser - Ginger White - came forward with accusations against him, specifically that they had a 13-YEAR affair.

The Iowa caucuses are scheduled for January 3. While he no longer has frontrunner status, polling indicates Cain could still be competitive in Iowa.Cain has denied the affair allegations in public and did so again during the conference call, but told his staff, "Obviously, this is cause for reassessment."Before Ginger White, four other women accused Cain of sexual harassment during his tenure as head of the National Restaurant Association in the '90s.
He refuted those claims as well, but acknowledged that with White, he says, "we have to reassess whether or not this is going to create too much of a cloud, in some people’s minds, as to whether or not they would be able to support us going forth."
Cain admits he knows White, but had only been trying to help her out financially ... as a friend. No word if Gloria Cain will back him up on that one.

A Georgia woman, Ginger White, says she and Herman Cain had a 13-year affair that lasted nearly until the businessman announced his White House run.Last weekend, FOX 5 Atlanta sat down with White, who insisted that despite coming forward, “I'm not proud. I didn't want to come out with this. I did not.”White was worried a political tsunami was headed her way, so, she decided to head it off, confessing her alleged 13-year-long affair with the Republican.
That said, the alleged mistress insists this affair was real.

“It was pretty simple,” White said. “It wasn't complicated. I was aware he was married. I was also aware I was involved in a very inappropriate relationship.”Ginger White says she met Herman Cain in the late 90s in Louisville, Ky., when as president of the National Restaurant Association, he made a presentation.“He made it very intriguing,” White told FOX 5. “It was fun. It was something that took me away from my humdrum life at the time. And it was exciting.”

Herman Cain is a businessman seeking the Republican nomination for President of the United States in 2012. There's no way he will actually get that, but he's attracted quite a following in mid-to-late 2011.He graduated from Morehouse College and got his Master's at Purdue. He was in the U.S. Navy and rose up through the ranks at several huge companies before becoming the CEO of Godfather's Pizza.Herman served as Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and has been a syndicated columnist and talk show host in recent years since retiring as Godfather's CEO.

An all-American success story, Cain is now running for President and promoting his book, This is Herman Cain: My Journey to the White House. Dude is nothing if not confident. And unintentionally hilarious.


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Monday, November 28, 2011

Videos of Miley Cyrus A Stoner and Kim Kardashian's yoga session with NUDE instructor

Miley Cyrus made a startling confession at her 19th birthday party last week.

Revelation: Miley Cyrus was captured on video at her 19th birthday party organised by Kelly Osbourne last week claiming she was a stoner

The performer called herself a 'stoner' and a 'pothead' as she was presented with a Bob Marley cake.
Miley addressed the crowd when given the cake and appeared to admit that she was a heavy marijuana user. 'You know you're a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake,' the former Disney starlet said in video obtained by The Daily. 'You know you smoke way too much f**king weed!'

Themed gift: Miley was presented with a Bob Marley cake by her friends and said it was because she smoked 'way too much f**king weed'
The bash was held at Beacher's Madhouse inside the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles on Tuesday which was hosted by her friend Kelly Osbourne, 27.

She's smoking something: Miley was captured smoking a bong last year but denied it was marijuana and claimed she was smoking salvia
The Fashion Police host responded to Miley's comments by laughing, 'I thought salvia was your problem!'Kelly was alluding to the incident in 2010 when Miley was captured on camera smoking out of a bong which she denied at the time was marijuana.

Defence: Kelly later took to her Twitter page to say that their talk about smoking marijuana was all a joke
She instead claimed that she was smoking the legal hallucinogen, salvia.
However, her rep insisted Miley was joking: 'It's all been taken out of context. The cake was a joke and Miley's response was intended to be sarcastic.'

Birthday girl: Miley Cyrus celebrated turning 19 on Tuesday at the Beacher's Madhouse club at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, friend Rumer Willis (R)Kelly later took'Let me make something very clear after @MileyCyrus salvia incident we started calling her Bob Miley as a JOKE! The cake was also A JOKE,' she wrote.

Cool cat: Miley flashes a peace sign as she gets into the party spirit with a friend
'It makes me sick that @Miley Cyrus so called 'friends' would sell her out and lead people 2 believe she is someone that she is not!
'U guys if @MileyCyrus is not recording/filming/touring she is works everyday how could she possible do all that if she was a stoner! #think.' (sic)
Miley rarely needs an excuse to let her hair down but her last year as a teen proved a prime opportunity

Nice- Kim Kardashian yoga session with NUDE male instructor

The honeymoon period really didn't last long for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.

In the nude: Kim Kardashian, sister Kourtney and some friends took part in a yoga session with a naked instructor in the season premiere of Kourtney & Kim Take New York tonight
The warring couple were seen coming to blows last night during the season premiere of Kourtney & Kim Take New York aired on U.S. television. After mounting tensions, Kris ends up moving out of their New York hotel - and bizarrely it is a naked male yoga instructor who proves. In the
Keeping covered: Kim opted to keep her clothes on during the session

Having a laugh: It was Kourtney's idea to hold the naked yoga session

Childish: Kim was appalled after Kris passed wind right in front of her sister Kourtney and later complained about his slobbish behaviour

Crash! Kim and Kris are seen falling down onto their bed after the embrace
culmination of the hour-long show, Kris is left incensed after walking in on Kim, her sister Kourtney and friends taking part in a naked yoga session. As it turns out, it is only the male instructor who bares everything - but even though Kim keeps her clothes one, Kris is not happy about her being in the company of a naked man. 'That is disgusting,' he exclaims as he opens the door. 'This is my home. This is disrespectful,' he goes on. (

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Who is SueLyn Medeiros? (Video)

Another sex tape of celebrity

Suelyn Medeiros

Suelyn Medeirios (born May 14, 1986 in New York City) is a Brazil actress and model. The majority of her life has been spent in Rio De Janeiro, before she came to reside permanently in the United States to pursue her career. Her modeling, starting as a hobby, did not become successful until 2005, when she was invited to a fashion show during fashion week in NYC, where she was scouted by an agent. Thereafter, she began to book jobs and have photo shoots. She has been cast in a few movies and television shows, but a majority of her career is in commercial, ad and magazine covers. She speaks fluently in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Suelyn is currently rumored to be dating rapper 50 Cent.

Very nice - Increadible! The sextape that just hit the Internet featuring her and her BF was jacked from her computer without permission
SueLyn tells us, "I am very upset and angry with all this and the way it was released and what was said about me ... I am in a loving relationship, and me and my boyfriend took a few personal private videos doing things I'm sure every couple does."
She adds, "Someone stole these files from us ... My family is very upset and disappointed. My mother can't stop crying. I want justice."

Model SueLyn Medeiros -- the hottest DUI arrestee of all time -- tells TMZ, the sex tape that just hit the Internet featuring her and her BF was jacked from her computer without permission ... and now, she's gearing up to sue.
She has no idea how it happened -- but SueLyn claims she has already contacted a lawyer, and plans to drop the legal hammer on the website that published the video.SueLyn tells us, "I am very upset and angry with all this and the way it was released and what was said about me ... I am in a loving relationship, and me and my boyfriend took a few personal private videos doing things I'm sure every couple does."
She adds, "Someone stole these files from us ... My family is very upset and disappointed. My mother can't stop crying. I want justice."
Attempts to reach the people behind the site were unsuccessful.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Where SueLyn Medeiros Sex tape was stolen and- Mariah Yeater Attorney Demands New DNA Test (video)

Oy vey. Will this never end?!?Justin Bieber took a DNA test last Friday in order to prove, once and for all, that he did NOT father a child with Mariah Yeater . But now attorney Jeffrey Leving is speaking out and saying his client is unhappy with the procedure because no one in her camp was present for it."We have to make sure the chain of custody is properly supervised," Leving told E! News, explaining why he wants Bieber to take another test. "I don't know if it was even his DNA. Evidence has to be properly supervised to make sure it is not corrupted. What I am hoping is to get DNA testing done for everybody and to have it done in a supervised setting."
Yeater, of course, dropped her lawsuit against Bieber last week, but Leving says he'll have no choice but to "refile" if the parties can't reach a resolution on the testing issue. Man. These people really are weasels, aren't they?

New Sextape SueLyn Medeiros (video)


Model SueLyn Medeiros -- the hottest DUI arrestee of all time -- tells TMZ, the sex tape that just hit the Internet featuring her and her BF was jacked from her computer without permission ... and now, she's gearing up to sue.She has no idea how it happened -- but SueLyn claims she has already contacted a lawyer, and plans to drop the legal hammer on the website that published the video.

Model Arrested DUI

SueLyn tells us, "I am very upset and angry with all this and the way it was released and what was said about me ... I am in a loving relationship, and me and my boyfriend took a few personal private videos doing things I'm sure every couple does."

She adds, "Someone stole these files from us ... My family is very upset and disappointed. My mother can't stop crying. I want justice."

Attempts to reach the people behind the site were unsuccessful. (TMZ)

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Who is Megyn Kelly and Kelly Kelly (videos) and Blog 2011 Celebrity Predictions came true


Earlier this week, police on the campus of the University of California-Davis used pepper spray to subdue protesting students. The maneuver - which you can watch on tape HERE - caused outrage across the Internet. But Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly has no idea why.

6th Annual BGC Charity Day
"It's like a derivative of actual pepper," she actually said on air yesterday. "It's a food product, essentially."Kelly acknowledged the video "looks bad," as officers in riot gear unleashed the substance on a group of relatively calm individuals. But they didn't really react, so might the cops have used a "diluted" version of the product, she wonders? (Thehollywoodgossip)

Police Pepper Spray UC-Davis Students

Watch police pepper spray students at UC-Davis November 18, 2011. The Occupy movement continues to lead to tense interactions across the nation, but nothing like this.

2011 Celebrity Predictions came true

PIC: Kate Middleton Rubs Belly as Pregnancy Rumors Continue

Kate Middleton will get pregnant.  And briefly look pregnant on the covers of tabloid magazines worldwide

WWE Diva -Kelly Kelly

See All

Here’s WWE hottie Kelly Kelly showing off her softer side in the pages of Maxim magazine in a little red bikini. Nice. I heard she was dating hockey player Sheldon Souray, is that true? He’s the guy who got angry and beat up his stove with his wife right?. Good thing Kelly is tough enough to fight back. After watching the bikini wrestling video below, I wouldn’t mind going a few rounds with this hottie.

See All

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Courtney Love Wardrobe Malfunction and Lady Gaga’s and Imogen Thomas showed a lot of skin


LADY GAGA kicked off the holiday season with yet another outrageous outfit!

After the opening of Gaga's Workshop at Barneys' New York on Monday, the singer showed up at the 39th Annual International Emmy Awards wearing a black cut-out dress that proves she's been more naughty than nice this year.The thigh-baring gown showed a lot of skin — and a unicorn tattoo!Sexy-slit aside, Gaga's new romance is the talk of the town. Wetpaint Entertainment reveals the singer skipped the American Music Awards on Nov. 20 to spend time with The Vampire Diaries star TAYLOR KINNEY and his family in Pennsylvania. "She really, really likes him," a source said of the two who met while filming her "You and I" video. Perhaps we'll see them under the mistletoe soon!

Here is another Wardrobe Malfunction of this year

COURTNEY LOVE let it all hang out at the after party for a family film in New York City on Monday. The eccentric singer had a nip-slip as she left the premiere after-party of the upcoming 3D children's adventure movie Hugo.Wearing a barely-there red silk dress, Love mugged for the cameras as her plunging neckline took a nose-dive.Earlier this month, reported the rocker flashed her audience while performing in Brazil. She did an impromptu striptease during her concert at the Sao Paulo Music and Arts Festival! For more of Courtney's nip-slip pix, visit

Imogen Thomas Special

Where's the rest of your dress? Imogen Thomas covers her body with a very small amount of black duct tape
She's been placed under a high court order banning her from divulging the lurid details about her relationship with Ryan Giggs.

Under wraps: The Welsh glamour model has been silenced by former lover Ryan Giggs

But that hasn't stopped Imogen Thomas from making light of the whole situation in a new photoshoot. Imogen, 28, appears in men's magazine Nuts this week where she poses almost nude apart from some strategically placed black tape.

Out now: Nuts magazine is available to buy from today

The Welsh glamour model, who won Miss Wales in 2003, is barely contained by the tape as she pulls a series of seductive poses in front of a yellow background

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Video of Jennifer Lopez Sexes up the American Music Awards and Latest Natalie Wood Case

If looking good is the best revenge, then Jennifer Lopez is way ahead of the game!

With soon-to-be ex-husband Marc Anthony in the crowd, the sexy singer wowed at the 2011 American Music Awards on Sunday night, showing off her hot bod in the sexiest styles of the evening – and has the sizzling hot photos. Hitting the stage for her first performance of the night in a leopard print Giambattista Valli Couture gown, it didn’t take long for J.Lo to strip down into a sparkling nude catsuit that showed her bangin’ backside off to perfection.
For her second performance, Jennifer looked fab in futuristic fashion, wearing a glow in the dark David Koma ensemble with Gio Diev bandage boots.
Later on in the evening, she accepted her award for Latin Artist of the Year in a slitty, one-sleeved Zuhair Murad Couture gown.

Jennifer Lopez Medley (American Music Awards)
For her after party at Greystone Manor Supperclub, she opted for something a little bit shorter, wearing a sparkling and feathered Emilio Pucci mini.

Latest Natalie Wood Case

The L.A. County Sheriff's Office is reopening its investigation into the death of movie star Natalie Wood, who drowned in 1981 while boating off the California coast.
Homicide investigators are reexamining one of Hollywood's most enduring mysteries after someone with "additional information" about the drowning contacted them.
Authorities didn't provide further details late Thursday, but more information will surely be made available soon as the case is reopened and actively pursued.

Natalie Wood Picture

Last year, the star's sister, Lana Wood, and the captain of the yacht on which Wood sailed with her husband, actor Robert Wagner, asked officials to reopen the case.
On Thursday, L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy Benjamin Grubb couldn't say whether the sister and the yacht captain have prompted the renewed investigation.
Natalie Wood's body was found floating in the water about a mile away from the yacht, near Catalina Island, in a long nightgown, socks, and a down jacket.
The autopsy report showed that Wood had suffered two dozen bruises on her body, including a facial abrasion on her left cheek, and bruises on her arms.
In 2010, Lana Wood said she believes a heated argument between her sister and Wagner, who can be seen on next week's NCIS, preceded Wood's drowning.
She told CNN last year she does not suspect foul play, however.
"I just want the truth to come out, the real story," she said.

Just in time for the 30th anniversary of Natalie Wood’s death, Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies have decided to take a new look at the actress’s November 1981 drowning off Catalina Island. The move was prompted by a book co-authored by the captain of the yacht on which Wood, her husband Robert Wagner, and actor Christopher Walken were partying.The captain, Dennis Davern, contends that Wagner impeded his initial efforts to locate Wood after she went missing, and has claimed that the 81-year-old actor was “responsible” for his wife’s death.An investigation by the Los Angeles coroner, however, ruled the 43-year-old Wood’s death an accident.
In the coroner’s report, excerpted here, Wagner was “questioned regarding the possibility of suicide, however he states that wife was not suicidal.” The document also describes the recovery of Wood’s body from the ocean. She was wearing a flannel nightgown and socks and investigators “noted foam coming from mouth.”
While Wood’s body had “numerous bruises to legs and arms,” coroner’s officials reported “No other trauma noted and foul play is not suspected at this time.”  (smokinggun)

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why Mariah Yeater begs friend to delete texts and nude photo of Kate Moss more than £16,000

 Did they, didn't they? Mariah Yeater, with son Tristyn, reportedly asked a friend to delete texts from her own mother implying Justin Bieber is not the father of her child

The woman accusing Justin Bieber of fathering her child has allegedly begged a friend to delete texts implying the singer is NOT the daddy.Mariah Yeater claims she had a sexual liaison with the Candian popstar in October 2010, resulting in the birth of her four-month-old son Tristyn.
But today it emerged the 20-year-old sent a text from her phone yesterday to a friend, demanding he erase a Yeater allegedly offered the unnamed friend a cut of the money when and if she is rewarded a fee following the lawsuit, reports TMZ. In the text, Yeater pleaded: 'ERASE ALL MESSAGES from my mom.'It has also been reported that her mother sent previous messages

The saga continues: A mocked-up image shows what Mariah reportedly asked her friend after her mother had sent him messages
All of the texts are allegedly signed off 'Mariah Laci', with Laci being her middle name.
In one text, it is claimed Mariah wrote: 'Would you please stress to Robbie how important it is for him to be in his son's life?' - insinuating again that Bieber is not the father.

Tangled web: Yeater insinuates ex-boyfriend Robbie is the father

Justin Bieber's lawyer, Howard Weitzman, told the US 'Our independent investigation indicates Ms. Yeater never meet Justin, she has consistently identified another man as the child's father, and Ms. Yeater and her co-conspirators hatched this scheme in order to extort money from him and to sell her story to the media.'There have been no settlement discussions and there never will be.'arlier this week it was believed single mother Yeater had quietly  dismissed her paternity suit against the teenager, withdrawing the lawsuit.The withdrawal reportedly came about after two

Nude photo of Kate Moss more than £16,000

Iconic: The shot shows Miss Moss, then in her late teens, kneeling on a roof-top, with a crooked leg covering her modesty, and encapsulates the controversial 'waif' look
The world is hardly short of pictures of Kate Moss. But for some people, seeing her on billboards or in magazine shoots is obviously not enough.

Today an original print of a nude shot of her taken in her early days of modelling - and said to be one of her personal favourites - sold for £16,250 at auction.
The 57in by 45in black and white image was taken in Marrakech, Morocco, by fashion photographer Albert Watson on a shoot for the German edition of Vogue  in January 1993

Newlyweds: Kate Moss with husband Jamie Hince, who she married in July

I still think these are among the best pictures ever taken of her and she said so as well recently,’ Watson has said.The iconic shot shows Croydon-born Miss Moss, then in her late teens, kneeling on a roof-top, with a crooked leg covering her modesty, and encapsulates the  controversial ‘waif’ look which helped cement her fame. Her slender frame and gamine charm bucked the trend of the more curvaceous supermodels of the 1990s like Cindy Crawford and Elle Macpherson - and also fuelled the debate on size-zero fashion. For her part, Miss Moss, now 37, said at the time: ‘I’m not as thin as people think… I eat normal things. I don’t diet to look like this.’

Kate Moss backstage at the Splendour In The Grass music festival in Australia

The print, sold at Bonhams in London to an anonymous UK private buyer, is one of a limited edition of ten. Another edition of four prints of the same photo but in a larger size also exists, and one of those sold for £54,000 four years ago.
Experts said that reflects the greater rarity of the larger version, rather than a decline in popularity of shots of Miss Moss among collectors. The print  sold yesterday was put up for sale by an unnamed seller with an estimate of  £12,000 to £18,000.
Last night photography specialist Jocelyn Phillips of Bonhams, said its value lay in a combination of factors, including the kudos of owning a famous  photographer’s original print.
‘Kate Moss is a contemporary icon and the photographer is a well-established name,’ she said.
‘Combine that with the size and limited edition nature of this lot and it all combines to make it interesting to collectors.’
Two other photographs of (a fully clothed) Miss Moss, auctioned in two separate lots at the same sale, were each bought for £2,750 yesterday. 
One shows her with her eyes shut and was taken by the late Corinne Day for The Face magazine in 1991 for a feature entitled ‘Heaven is Real’.

The other, by Mario Testino in 2005, shows her sitting in a café wearing a


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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Who is Mike McQueary and Why Justin Bieber paternity suit dropped

Mike McQueary Video Interview below

A day after Jerry Sandusky gave a disturbing interview to Bob Costas - in which the former Penn State defensive coordinator admitted to showering with young boys - Mike McQueary has also made news for his role in the alleged cover-up of child molestation at the university.

Penn State Wallpaper
McQueary is the assistant coach who, according to a grand jury report, walked in on Sandusky anally raping a 10-year old in a shower in 2002. He has come under extreme fire for going to his father about the incident, as opposed to the police, while also not actually stopping the act.
But a new email has surfaced, sent by McQueary to a reporter last week, in which the ex-coach says he DID break up the rape and DID speak to authorities about what he witnessed. This is what it reads:You are the first person I have told this ... and I don't know you extremely well ... and I have been told bye (sic) officials to not say anything...
I did stop it, not physically ... but made sure it was stopped when I left that locker room ... I did have discussions with the official at the university in charge of police ... no one can imagine my thoughts or wants to be in my shoes for those 30-45 me.
Do with this what you want ... but I am getting hammered for handling this the right way ... or what I thought at the time was right ... I had to make tough impacting quick decisions.What an enormous, tragic mess.( thehollywoodgossi)

Why Justin Bieber paternity suit dropped

The Justin Bieber baby lawsuit has gone bye-bye – but the case is still in its infancy, a lawyer told the Daily News.

Mariah Yeater quietly withdrew her San Diego court paperwork last week not because she’s dropping her claim she’s Bieber’s baby mama, but because she fears for her life and hopes to settle the dispute confidentially, lawyer Jeffery Leving said Wednesday.“In light of death threats directed toward my client, strategies have been reviewed. The San Diego case has been withdrawn, and we’re trying to settle out of court with Bieber’s counsel. We're working out a DNA test confidentially,” Leving, a Chicago-based custody lawyer working with Yeater, told The News.“I did not resign. I still believe my client,” he said, adding that Yeater’s San Diego lawyers have been replaced by John Carlson from the Los Angeles firm Carlson & Greenberg."I originally wanted a judge to order a DNA test to make sure the test's chain of custody was safeguarded. But the reality is that that was before these death threats escalated. And they’ve gotten so out of control, maintaining strict confidentiality is something we have to try. If this doesn’t work, and we can’t work it out, we can always re-file," Leving said.Bieber, 17, and his attorneys have flatly denied Yeater's claims that she and the teenage singer conceived the child after an October 2010 concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The baby boy was born in July.Bieber agreed to take a DNA test and vowed that when it showed he wasn't the father, he would sue Yeater."It's sad that someone would fabricate malicious, defamatory and demonstrably false claims," his reps said in a statement earlier this month. "We'll vigorously pursue all available legal remedies to protect Justin and to hold those involved with bringing this suit accountable for their actions."

 Mariah Laci Yeater mugshot from Dec. 2010.

Leving said he’s not worried about a counter lawsuit.“I see that as not being positive publicity for Bieber,” he argued. “Plus she’s indigent, she’s an out of work single mother trying to survive. He wouldn’t make any money, and it would appear to be a means of seeking revenge.”
Bieber's lawyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment.Yeater, who was 19 at the time of the alleged sexual encounter, also could have faced statutory rape charges, since Bieber was only 16 in 2010, under the legal age for consent in California.

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