Monday, April 30, 2012

Latest- on M.Jackson affair with Whitney Houston and Maria Fowler reveals a bit too much


Maria Fowler reveals a bit too much as her bikini slips down on beachside jog

 Oops! The former TOWIE star looked oblivious as she exposed her nipples to onlookers and photographers
She's not exactly one to go unnoticed as she flaunts her body on the beach in Marbella.

Bikini body: Maria squeezed her ample curves into a pink strapless bikini as she continued her post break-up holiday in the Spanish hot spot
But former TOWIE star Maria Fowler courted even more attention on Sunday afternoon as she accidentally exposed her nipples as she ran along the sand.

Bikini body: Maria squeezed her ample curves into a pink strapless bikini as she continued her post break-up holiday in the Spanish hot spot
The reality TV star was all smiles as she realized her nip-slip had occurred in front of onlookers and photographers. Maria, 25, wore a pink and white striped frilly bikini as she stepped out to lap up some more sun during her post break-up getaway.  But she soon realised her fashion faux pas as she giggled and pulled the top up to cover herself once more.

All smiles: She didn't seem to care she'd shown off her nipples as she giggled and tried to contain her modesty
And after she corrected the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction she made her way back to her sunbed where she tried to contain her dignity again.

Silly me! Maria flew out to Marbella last week to get over her split from footballer Lee Croft, who called time on their relationship three weeks ago
It came just a few hours after she'd put on quite the display slathering sun cream all over her body, before she exposed her sunburnt derriere while trying to switch over bikinis in full view of onlookers. Fowler flew out to the Spanish hot spot last week after she announced her break-up from footballer boyfriend Lee Croft.

M. Jackson affair with Whitney Houston

SHOCKING claims by JACKO’s ex body guard who says the Michael and Whitney enjoyed the horizontal mambo in a brief, torrid affair! AND that he's Blanket's father!
Matt Fiddes, a millionaire martial arts master who was Michael Jackson's bodyguard and confidant for years before his 2009 death, has given a stunning tell-all interview about the King of Pop. Jackson and Whitney Houston, Fiddes told UK media, had a torrid affair in 1991 and Michael even wanted them to get married."Whitney practically moved in to Michael’s ranch and they had a fling like any other young couple. But Michael said later he had always hoped the relationship had gone further, and I know he dreamed of marrying her," Fiddes said.
The relationship only lasted two weeks, Fiddes said. A decade later the two had a tearful reunion at a concert in New York celebrating Jackson's 30 years in music. They were both a mess, to be honest. They shared what would be their final hugs and Michael begged Whitney to get off the drugs that were destroying her life," Fiddes recalled. The two of them whispered that they loved each other as they hugged. The emotion was written all over their faces.Fiddes, who has a worldwide chain of martial arts schools, said that he is Michael's youngest child, Blanket's, biological father., reported. In 2001, Michael asked him for a sperm donation because he wanted an athletic child, Fiddes said.  He's now planning to go to court in Los Angeles to ask for a DNA test.I only want to see Blanket a couple of times a year. It’s not a custody battle.
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Why Lady Gaga shows slaps as Pornographic and Sexy Imogen Thomas gets her hands on Simon Cowell (book)


The little monsters at Lady Gaga's concert in Seoul on Friday weren't so little after all.
Thanks to massive protests by Christian groups who denounced it "too homosexual and

pornographic," the show was strictly 18-and-over, by South Korean authorities' decree, BBC News reported. That wasn't enough for groups like the Civilians Network against the Lady Gaga Concert, which kept protesting the show on Friday in the hopes of getting it cancelled altogether.

Some people can accept this as another culture but its impact is huge beyond art and debases religions. Even adults can't see her performance," the pastor who organized the protest said.
Those adults evidently did not include the pastor himself, who attended the concert in order to "monitor" it for gay content, Reuters reported.

The 26-year-old pop star is an outspoken proponent of gay rights and other LGBT issues.
The small band of protesters didn't stop 45,000 fans from seeing Gaga at Seoul's Olympic Stadium in the midst of her Born This Way Ball tour, however. Gaga next performs four shows in Hong Kong starting May 2.

Sexy Imogen Thomas gets her hands on Simon Cowell (book)

Holiday reading: Imogen Thomas is spotted enjoying the Simon Cowell biography during her holiday in Mauritius

They share the same publicist, so it was undoubtedly no trouble for Imogen Thomas to get her hands on a copy of the Simon Cowell biography before she flew out on her holiday this week.
The glamour model was pictured enjoying reading up on all the scandalous gossip included in Tom Bower's book as she lapped up the sunshine in Mauritius.

Oh, I didn't see you there! Imogen, looking a little sunburned, works it for the cameras as she cools off in the water

Oh, I didn't see you there! Imogen, looking a little sunburned, works it for the cameras as she cools off in the water
Wearing a flag bikini that showed off her curves, the 29-year-old reclined on a sun lounger and
It appeared as though the former Big Brother contestant may have indulged in a little too much sunbathing, with her d├ęcolletage looking rather red as she took a dip in the Indian Ocean.
Imogen sat in the shallow water, cooling off by wetting her long brunette hair, and allowing nearby photographers to capture every pouty pose.

Splash about: Imogen showed off her curves in her tiny two-piece
Miss Thomas splashed about in the ocean before returning to the lounger on the sand at the five-star Shanti Maurice Nira.

Topping up her tan: Imogen was spotted applying sun cream, but clearly not enough given her red appearance later
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why Miss Dominican Republic, Stripped of Crown and How Miranda Kerr keeps trim and sexy


How Miranda Kerr keeps trim

Sultry: Miranda named yoga and swimming as her most satisfying hobbies

Her enviably toned body scored her a contract with one of the world's best-known fitness brands.
And now model Miranda Kerr has revealed how daily 30-minute yoga sessions and a 'super healthy' diet help hone her slender 5ft 9 inch frame.

Yummy mummy: Miranda Kerr shows off her best yoga moves in the new Reebok Easytone campaign
Following the birth of her son Flynn last year she has also started experimenting with resistance training, a method favoured by a number of Hollywood stars including Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba.  Yummy mummy: Miranda Kerr shows off her best yoga moves in the new Reebok Easytone campaign . While shooting the latest Reebok campaign for Easytone shoes, wearing skintight PVC leggings and a mesh top ensemble, the 29-year-old said: 'I make sure I do half an hour of yoga in the morning so that then I’m feeling good.
have been working out quite a bit doing Pilates and yoga and strength training with weights and resistant bands and I eat super healthy.

Smouldering: The model wears PVC leggings and mesh top to prove her flexing prowess in the campaign

'Health is really wealth I think.'
Demonstrating how yoga has made her body more flexible, Kerr pulls her lithe leg up behind her head for one shot, arching her back while gazing over her shoulder at the camera.
In another picture the Australian Victoria's Secret Angel opts for a white swimsuit with her Easytone trainers,while sporting wet, tousled hair and smoky eye make-up.

Miranda Kerr
And to give her mind a break from her hectic schedule and motherhood Kerr says daily meditation helps her to find greater peace and calm.
'If I’m in the car on the way to work or if I'm on the plane on the way to a job I’ll do a meditation,' she added.

Miranda Kerr
Her husband Orlando Bloom has also credited the practice and the philosophies behind it for helping him to avoid the self-destructive path so common in the film industry.
The Reebok campaign, which features 3D images of the model, was shot by famed photographer Rankin, and fans can view the full effects with 3D glasses.

Why Miss Dominican Republic, Stripped of Crown (video)

Carlina Duran, a 25-year-old stunner who was recently crowned Miss Dominican Republic 2012, has been forced to relinquish her crown she held so dearly.
The reason is simple: She's married and didn't disclose it.
Duran was given the boot as

Miss DR
after pageant officials say she violated a rule which requires all contestants to be single at the time of the event. Seriously.

Duran, who owns a spa in Santo Domingo and comes from the town of La Vega, violated the rule that no contestant can have been married or have had a child.
According to reports, Carlina has been married since 2009 and never told anyone about it. She has still not commented on being outed as a better half.
Dominican newspaper Diario Libre reports that a marriage license shows she wed on June 6, 2009. Why should that matter? Your guess is as good as ours.
The crown now goes to the 1st runner-up, Dulcita Lieggi. Take a look at a news report (in Spanish) about the downfall of Carlina and comment below:

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Latest on Edwards and Rielle Hunter trial and why Lauren Goodger axed from reality show


Lauren Goodger axed from reality show after showdown with bosses

Smiling through: Lauren Goodger looked in good spirits as she arrived at her beauty salon this morning, amid reports she has been axed from TOWIE
She was one of the original stars of The Only Way is Essex when it burst onto our screens in 2010. But according to reports today, Lauren Goodger has been axed from the reality TV show after allegedly throwing her weight around.

Wet weather: Lauren got drenched in the rain as she made her way inside the salon
After a showdown with bosses as the cast and crew filmed in a nightclub on Sunday, Lauren is believed to have been told that she will not be shooting any more scenes for the show this week.

Cryptic: Lauren took to her Twitter page soon after the row

According to the Sun, Lauren, 25, accused producers of treating her badly and said she was the real star of the show and threatened to leave and join MTV so she and her sister could become the British 'Kardashians'. An insider told the paper that the beauty salon owner shouted at bosses and moaned that her scenes kept being pushed back.

Girls' night out: Lauren, seen here with new co-star Georgina Dorsett, was filming clubbing scenes for the show when the incident is believed to have happened

They added: 'Bosses were livid as Lauren was already an hour late while the rest of the crew had been there all day filming Arg, Billi and Cara doing the marathon.'

Original: Lauren was among the early cast members of the show (L-R front - Lauren, Amy Childs, Jessica Wright and Sam Faiers with Mark Wright and Kirk Norcross behind
And it seems that she was more than a little worse for wear, as the source said: 'The producer told Lauren she wouldn’t speak to her while she was in that state.'
The source added: 'The cast and crew have had enough of the way Lauren is acting. They have got to the point where they feel that if she wants to quit she should.

Nobody is bigger than the show.
Lauren's apparent departure is the latest slip for TOWIE, which missed out on a nod as the television BAFTA award nominations were announced yesterday.
She also wrote a couple of cryptic Tweets implying that she had fallen out with the bosses and wrote: 'Think about time spread my wings a lot things arising @NicolaGoodger @RiannaGoodger.
Never been so angry in all my life! All I can say is what a shame.
As a consequence of the row, Lauren will apparently not appear in tomorrow night's episode and will not film any more scenes until she has met with bosses to discuss her future.
The source added: 'She can’t scream at producers and turn up late and then say she is the star of the show.'


Former JOHN EDWARDS’s loyalist ANDREW YOUNG damning testimony during 2nd day of trial as disgraced pol KNEW he was breaking the law.

He said that (Rielle Hunter) was ‘a crazy slut,’ and it was a ‘one-in-three chance’ that it was his child, testified Andrew Young during his second day on the witness stand.

As THE ENQUIRER first reported Young became a key prosecution witness after he struck an immunity deal during the Federal Grand Jury process aka pulling a John Dean to cover his ass.
Young told rapt jurors how he channelled $1.2 million to Hunter in hush money payoffs to keep her underground after The ENQUIRER first revealed the Presidential contender’s affair with the new age temptress/ campaign videographer. We were scared. It was a truckload of money, more money than had ever flowed through our accounts. It was crazy.
And, Young testified, Hunter knew how to live high on the hog with the dirty money.
She had good taste,” said Young, who once claimed paternity of the Hunter-Edwards’ love child as The ENQUIRER battered down the conspiratorial doors. We were using the money to keep her happy.” Federal prosecutors charge the two-time presidential loser with full knowledge that his conspiracy of silence violated more than the law.

As The ENQUIRER has reported previously on numerous occasions -- $933,000 in undeclared president campaign donations from two donors – Listerine heiress and Kennedy clan confidante Rachel Bunny Mellon and late Dallas money man lawyer Fred Baron funded the cover-up.
Young testified that Bunny would cut checks to her interior designer, Bryan Huffman, who then handed the illicit contributions to Young and his wife Cheri. They endorsed the checks and gave the money to then-pregnant Rielle.

(John) told me he had talked to several campaign-finance experts and that is was legal,” Young testified. “It felt and smelled wrong. But he knew more about the law than we did. We believed him. Young also testified that Edwards didn’t want to know the precise details of the arrangement in case he was named attorney general in a secret deal with Barack Obama, by then the Democratic presidential frontrunner  in exchange for dropping out of the 2008 race. Edwards was understandably worried about lying under oath during the Attorney General vetting process, Young said under oath. In a jaw dropping moment, prosecutors played a voicemail left by Edwards for  Young saying he was finally going to confess to his cancer-stricken wife Elizabeth about the affair after she caught Rielle calling on John’s cellphone.
’cause I have to,” Edwards voice was heard on the tape. I think I’ve got to tell her about this because it’s moving.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why BRITNEY SPEARS Sign X factor and Lane Garrison on Surveillance Video Slap

Lane Garrison on Surveillance Video Slap: Deceiving

 Lane Garrison and Ashley Mattingly

Lane Garrison, who was arrested for domestic violence on Saturday, says the surveillance video of him apparently slapping his ex proves ... that he did not.

The actor and his ex-girlfriend got into a verbal argument that turned physical and the surveillance video (below) showed what appears to be Lane Garrison slapping Ashley Mattingly's face hard, which he told cops never happened.

He still says that, and here's why. Lane told Beverly Hills detectives that what really happened was Ashley grabbing his phone and him reaching to grab it back from her. No slap at all.
Lane says he ended up grabbing Ashley Mattingly's cell phone, not his own ... and that's when she threw his phone against the wall and smashed the thing.
He says when he walked out, he childishly threw her phone in retaliation. If you look at the video closely, Lane Garrison's scenario is at least plausible.
He also claims he has text messages from Ashley that are incriminating and that she didn't want him disclosing - hence the freakout over the phone.
Garrison, who is still on parole for his manslaughter DUI conviction, is still being held in connection with this case and a possible parole violation.

Britney and Simon: THE SEX FACTOR

BRITNEY SPEARS has a big crush on Simon Cowell, which is the major reason she was ready to sign on as a judge for his TV talent show “The X Factor.”

And now that Simon has broken up with his fiancee, sources say sparks could fly between TV’s “Mr. Nasty” and the “Toxic” singer if, and when, she signs on the dotted line.
Smooth-talking Simon already has a history of romancing “X Factor” beau­ties, reportedly having an affair with Dannii Minogue on the UK version, trying to seduce Aussie pop beauty Natalie Imbruglia and obsessing over Cheryl Cole when she joined the show. And Britney could be the next in line!“Britney is so starstruck by Simon she was willing to sign for a lot less than her management team was hold­ing out for,” said a source. “And now that he’s unattached, anything could happen.”Simon, 52, recently ended his en­gagement to 39-year-old “American Idol” makeup artist Mezhgan Hus­sainy, calling the relationship “a big mistake.” He pulled out of their wed­ding plans after a series of blistering arguments.

But the wildly successful TV producer admits he likes his women on the fiery side. “I’m attracted to certain personalities who are difficult to control,” Simon recently told a re­porter. “I’m attracted to crazy women. I encourage crazy behavior and I make them crazy.”

And Britney certainly has had her share of wild escapades. Simon turned to her as a potential “X Factor” mentor to spice things up after firing last sea­son’s judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger and host Steve Jones. But sources close to Britney say there is also an “obvious chemistry” between Simon and her.During contract negotiations, Brit­ney was said to be willing to do the show for less than $10 million, but her business manager, fiance Jason Trawick, insisted on the $15 million figure. Her father Jamie, appointed by the courts to handle Britney’s business and personal affairs, agreed. “Jason is a bit jealous of Simon’s babe magnet reputation,” the source revealed. “And he knows Britney has a thing for Simon.

Jason plans on sticking close to Britney if she does the show. He knows she is easily smitten, and that Simon can really turn on the charm. He just wants to make sure Britney doesn’t get carried away.” Although Britney is eager to sign on the dotted line, she and her handlers have made sure the contract contains a bulletproof “no bullying” clause – so Britney won’t be the target of Simon’s nasty criticism if things don’t work out between them.

“Britney loves Simon,” a source revealed. “She admits she’s had a crush on him for years, but being on his show does make her a little bit nervous of falling victim to his attacks
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