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Why Client list TV shows is too hot for TV viewers and Nicole Kidman goes topless (videos)


 Jennifer Love Hewitt Client list very sexy TV shows


A big aspect of the show is obviously the prostitution side of things and one wonders if the show would be more successful on a premium channel where the creators could be more graphic.. Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt understands many viewers will be drawn to the "eye-candy portion" of her series "The Client List. “But she also wants them to see a heart and female empowerment message in the steamy show, in which she plays a single Texas mother who works at a racy massage parlour to make ends meet. "I hope that people will understand that in those rooms it is her that is in control, no one is controlling her, no one is controlling her decisions, no one is pushing her into anything, and men are never allowed to touch her in any way unless she says it's OK," Hewitt, 33, said in a recent telephone interview as she discussed her character, Riley Parks.


She's the boss in that office, and there is something empowering about that and interesting about that, and I think people were surprised by that when they started watching the show.""The Client List, which debuted in the U.S. in April, makes its Canadian debut on Sunday on the new Lifetime Canada channel.Cybill Shepherd co-stars as Riley's mom, while Loretta Devine ("Grey's Anatomy," "Boston Public") plays the spa owner. Other cast members include Colin Egglesfield as the compassionate brother of Riley's husband (Brian Hallisay), who has abandoned her.



When this series start?
 The series stems from a 2010 TV movie of the same name, for which Hewitt garnered a Golden Globe nomination. The former "Ghost Whisperer" star, who is also executive producer and has directed on the show, said the story idea came upon her five years ago as she pondered the concept of the modern-day working woman in a tough economy. As she helped craft the strong-willed Riley, she saw the character as a mom first and a sexy spa worker second.


As such, she didn't seek out women who work in that field as part of her research. Instead, she looked to her female family members for inspiration.


"I'm from Texas. I grew up in a family of really strong Texas women who were beauty pageant queens and then went on to be great mothers and grandmothers and aunts and these very strong women who would do anything for their families. So Riley's personality is based on my mother and who my mom is and was and all of those things," said Hewitt, whose mother, Patricia, died in June from complications due to cancer. "So it's very close to my heart and didn't require a lot of research other than just sort of

watching the women in my family behave in the ways that they do."Hewitt even learned a few massage skills, which seem to please the men making cameos as her clients. "It's quite shocking how many actors are on my table that are kind of like, 'Yeah, you know what? I like firm pressure,' like as if I'm actually going to massage them," the former "Party of Five" star, whose film credits include "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "The Audrey Hepburn Story," said with a laugh."Sometimes I look at them and I'm like, 'You know this is not real, right? ... I'm not going to massage you for the five hours it takes us to film this scene, because then I would be exhausted.'


"But it's really funny, for all of my so-called clients on the table, I do try — if I'm massaging their hands or their feet or their arms in a scene — to actually give them some kind of massage ... and I've gotten good compliments from people."The Waco, Tex., native said she's enjoyed escaping her "L.A. girl" image and returning to her southern roots — even if it's meant having to slip back into the twang she got rid of at the start of her career."It's funny, I came out here 24 years ago and the hardest thing that I did for the first four months I was out here was lose that accent. And now here I am, 24 years later, having to bring it back."Hewitt has also had to bring exercise back into her regular day, as she prepares to slip back into Riley's skin-baring lingerie for Season 2.

Nicole Kidman goes topless

Sizzling Nicole Kidman goes topless for a magazine! And she will surely make your jaws drop and eyes pop.Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Nicole Kidman goes topless, and bottomless, on the cover of V Magazine’s special travel issue.Not sure what this has to do with travel, but anyway, inside the 45-year-old mother of two talks about her new movie ‘The Paperboy’ with Zac Efron, and her career. Kidman won’t talk about Tom/Katie divorce.

“I don’t really make decisions, I go with the flow. If I were a strategically minded person, I think I would have a far different career,” she said. “But I would be more outlandish if I could. A lot of times you just don’t get the chance.”Nicole doesn’t mind nude scenes at all. Looks like she got the chance here!
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Who is Alicia Guastaferro and why is she arrested, Kris Humphries Gave Kayla Goldberg Herpes and video Kate Upton Strips ad

Bonus- Kate Upton Strips Down For Skullcandy (video)

Kate Upton strikes a smoldering pose for Skullcandy headphones in this new ad campaign. Not that anyone will be paying the least bit of attention to headphones in the video, but whatever, at least the Skullcandy folks got to see her in person.

Who is Alicia Guastaferro?

Alicia Guastaferro appeared on the ABC reality show Wife Swap in 2008. When she was 16 years old. That may have been the first sign of trouble. But the latest is a lot more serious: Guastaferro was arrested on Monday in Pembroke, New York on charges of prostitution.

The 20-year old was caught some time after midnight in a car with a 54-year lawyer old named James Doyle. She told troopers on the scene that that she's known Doyle for two years and he typically pays her between $500 and $700 for sex. Guastaferro - whose parents were the ones to swap places with another couple on the aforementioned program - actually sued ABC producers two years ago, claiming the show made her look like a "spoiled brat."That case is pending, but if Guastaferro's goal was to prove she has to actually work for her money, consider her mission accomplished.

Kayla Goldberg: Kris Humphries Gave Me Herpes!

A woman named Kayla Goldberg has filed a lawsuit against Kris Humphries because she claims the estranged husband of Kim Kardashian gave her Herpes. Really, we couldn't make up stories about this guy if we tried. According to TMZ sources, Goldberg alleges she met Humphries at a bar in Los Angeles in August 2010. They flirted and exchanged information and later went back to Kris' hotel room, where they reportedly engaged in many rounds of sex, including of the oral variety.

Goldberg says Humphries did not always wear a condom, nor did he inform her that he possessed the STD in question. A week later - boom! - Kayle was diagnosed with Herpes. She is now suing Kris for unspecified damages.This could clearly be nothing more than a money grab. But between Goldberg and Myla Sinanaj and Kardashian, Humphries knows how to pick his women.
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More News about Prince Harry Nude Video and JOHN TRAVOLTA's GAY LOVER TELLS ALL

 Cocaine and mushrooms were imbibed in the room where PRINCE HARRY carried on, possibly fueling his nudie-Flutie exploits.

"Things got pretty crazy in Prince Harry's suite that night. Everyone was drinking and drugs were also being used by some people," an eyewitness told "Some people were snorting cocaine.”The new information comes two days after a Las Vegas tab reported that the nude photos of the Party Prince’s wild weekend were merely the

beginning of the scandal and  “something gigantic” had not yet been revealed. “Some were already rolling on shrooms (hallucinogenic mushrooms) when they arrived at the party, and some were just high on weed. And that's exactly why no one there has come forward on the record…they don't want to be implicated for any illegal activities," the source said.
The source did not see Prince Harry use cocaine or any other illegal drugs but also was not with the Prince during the entire party.As The ENQUIRER reported previously Harry’s antics were captured on video, which has been quietly shopped to a very limited number of people as the person with the video is extremely nervous. “There is video of Harry partying naked with women in the Las Vegas hotel room,” a source familiar with the sitch divulged.

If you thought the Prince Harry naked photos were scandalous, imagine if a rumored video taken that wild night in Las Vegas were to get out. The naked romp in Las Vegas was indeed caught on video, sources say, and that could plunge the royal scandal to new, unprecedented depths. “There is a video of Harry partying naked with women," says a source. "There have been some very quiet inquiries to see how much the video is worth. “If the video goes public this could be the biggest Royal scandal ever.”
Rumors surfaced in the Las Vegas Review Journal last week that the Prince Harry nude scandal was far from over and that another revelation was imminent. “The video has not been shopped around yet, its existence is being kept as discreet as possible,” the source close to the situation said. “With all the attention the photos got, people with the video know it could be worth a fortune.” "Things got pretty crazy in Prince Harry's suite that night. Everyone was drinking, and drugs were also being used by some people." "Some people were snorting cocaine."That, of course, is a double-edged sword, as it could incriminate others: "Things got pretty crazy at that's exactly why no one there has come forward on the record." "They don't want to be implicated for any illegal activities."


The biggest JOHN TRAVOLTA story of all time is being broken today by The NATIONAL ENQUIRER!  
In our new print issue, which begins hitting newsstands today, the superstar actor’s former gay lover breaks his long silence to reveal the shocking details of an intimate six-year sexual relationship. In a bombshell world exclusive ENQUIRER interview, former pilot DOUG GOTTERBA discloses that Travolta’s Hollywood image as a big-screen heartthrob throughout the ‘80s was a total sham. Gotterba, now a successful California businessman, says the two men met in February 1981 – a year after Travolta starred in the hit movie “Urban Cowboy” – and carried on their steamy affair through 1986.

Gotterba, who was hired by Travolta as a pilot, said he’d heard rumors the actor was gay – and on Sept. 21, 1981, he found out when they became lovers. “I know the date because I still have the log books and records,” Gotterba told The ENQUIRER. Among the secrets in the sizzling tell-all, Gotterba exposes Travolta’s sex tape shocker – and the new issue includes their private photo album!

The 58-year-old “Pulp Fiction” star’s sexuality has been making headlines since May when two masseurs filed sexual battery suits against him in federal court. Although Travolta’s attorneys vehemently denied the claims, several more men have stepped forward with similar accusations
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