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Why Brad Pitt rage over Angelina Jolie? (Guess why) and who is hot in sexy body paint?


Why Brad Pitt rage over Angelina Jolie? (Guess why) and who is hot in sexy body paint?


 Ashley Roberts very hot in sexy body paint

She was a member of one of the world's sexiest girl bands, has a killer body and has recently bagged a coveted judging spot on a Sunday night prime-time show.  But rather than spend the most romantic night of the year on a series of dates with hunky bachelors, Ashley Roberts has revealed she toasted Valentine's Day with her pet dog. The 31-year-old singer admitted while it would be 'fantastic' to find love with the man

Enviable figure: Ashley showed off her incredible physique as she slipped into full body paint to launch new video game Crysis 3

of her dreams, she is content with having her adorable pet pooch, Cooper, as her main man for the time being.  Speaking in an exclusive interview with Mail Online, she said: 'I do like English guys. I'm single right now, but I'm so busy with work at the moment. If someone comes along then that's fantastic, but if they don't then that's fine too. 'I actually spent Valentine's Day with my little dog, which I loved. It was romantic!' In recent months, the former Pussycat Dolls starlet has been linked to the likes of Prince

Single and ready to mingle: The 31-year-old singer opened up on her love life, admitting she spent Valentine's Day with her pet pooch

Harry and Declan Donnelly after he admitted to having a crush on her during her stint on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! in late 2012.  Ashley said of the two bachelors: 'I'm taking things day by day. I haven't seen Dec since the show, but maybe in the future.  

Reunion? Ashley would 'never say never' to reuniting with her former Pussycat Dolls bandmates
'And I was in the same area of a club as Prince Harry but I didn't even get the chance to say hello to him, which was a shame. He's very eligible though.' The Dancing On Ice judge was speaking as she launched new video game Crysis 3, which saw her parade her incredible figure by slipping into full body paint to be transformed into lead character Prophet.  But the blonde bombshell explained her envy-inducing curves have come about as a result of living an active life and sticking to a clean, organic diet.
Jungle babe: The star, pictured with Helen Flanagan, admitted she thought she would be out of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! in the first week

Why Brad Pitt anger over Angelina Jolie


N a dig designed to push BRAD PITT’s buttons, ANGELINA JOLIE insulted his manhood, and the devastated actor has gone on a drunken rampage! The Oscar-winning beauty told an astonished Brad that her former flame, Irish actor stud Colin Far­rell, put him to shame between the sheets, and sources say the slam sent Brad into a boozy tail­spin, sources say. “Brad caught Angie red-handed, admitting that she thinks he’s a so-so lover,” said a source. “Ever since then, he’s been on a drunken rampage – consuming copious amounts of his favorite beer and red wine.”

The “Moneyball” star, 49, was even spotted staggering up to a Taco Bell drive-thru window in Santa Monica, Calif., at 1 a.m. on Jan. 18. According to an eyewitness, Brad looked drunk, and after he real­ized the fast-food joint was closed, he stumbled off into the early morning dark­ness. The bender didn’t stop there. “In late January, Brad returned to Los Angeles after a brief trip to London looking groggy, grizzled and worse for the wear,” added the source. “And he’s showed no signs of slowing down on the booze. He’s been drink­ing to forget about the image of Angie and Colin together.”

Angelina, 37, and Farrell, 36, hooked up while playing mother and son in the 2004 epic “Alexander.” “Angie was wild back then and she was turned on by how kinky it was to be carrying on a torrid affair with her movie son,” said the source. “At the time, Co­lin was as crazy as Angie. He was a hard partier and had an insatiable sexual appetite.”Brad discovered An­gelina still has the hots for the “Minority Report” star when he overheard her talking on the phone to her second ex-hus­band, actor Billy Bob Thornton, said the source. “Brad left their house in Los Angeles one day in January to run errands. But he

forgot his wallet and headed back home af­ter only a few minutes. “As he walked into their bedroom, Brad overheard Angie say that he was a great guy, but Colin was the best lover she’d ever had! “Then Angie told Billy Bob that her love life with Brad had gone cold, and she missed the wild, passionate sex she’d had with Colin!”When the phone call ended, Brad exploded, said the source.“Brad demanded that Angie tell him everything about her relationship with Colin,” said the insider.
“She told Brad that she fell in love with Colin because he was dangerous and spontaneous. She also copped to sending Colin sexy pictures, dirty voice-mails and sexually explicit let­ters during their fling. Angie admitted that she had hoped for a future, includ­ing marriage and kids, with Colin, but he wasn’t ready. She couldn’t deny to Brad that he was her second choice!” The source said Angie – who’s rais­ing a brood of six with Pitt – was deliberately pushing Brad’s but­tons. “Angie wanted Brad to catch her spilling lurid details of her affair with Colin because she thrives on making him jealous,” said the source. “It’s her way of controlling him. She believes having tension in their relationship keeps Brad on his toes, and makes him want her more. It’s her way of showing that she’s in the driver’s seat.”Sources say Brad remains haunted by Angelina’s affair with Farrell, whose list of conquests is legendary.
COLIN HAS BEEN linked to big-screen co-stars Lake Bell and Salma Hayek, singer Britney Spears, Irish medical student Muire­ann McDonnell, English writer Emma Forrest and Polish actress Alicja Bachleda-Curus, who gave birth to his son Henry in October 2009. Farrell also sued “Playboy” model Nicole Narain in 2006 after a sex tape of their relationship surfaced, but he’s tried to play down reports of his “big” manhood after filming a full-frontal nude scene for the 2004 drama “A Home at the End of the World.”“I walk to a door and you see my ****, and I walk out of the shot,” he said jokingly. “It’s dark, and it’s three inches, uh, seconds long.” The source added: “Brad has forbid­den Angie from ever contacting Colin again. She’s betrayed his trust, and at this point, he can’t even imagine going through with a wedding.”
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Why Rob Kardashian lashes out at Kim Kardashian?

Why Rob Kardashian lashes out at sister Kim Kardashian?

Breaking up with somebody is hard enough. But when your protective and outspoken sisters get involved, emotions are bound to end up overloading and causing more problems. That was exactly the case for Rob Kardashian on the latest episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami as his siblings tried to help him deal with his split from singer Rita Ora. Kourtney, Kim and Khloe chimed in as Rob and Rita embarked on a Twitter war and tried to give him advice.
 Text stress: The fall out came after Kim rejected his request for Kanye West to do a song with his friend

They told Rob he needed to cut communication for a while. Eldest sister Kourtney warned: ‘She’s the one that’s in the wrong but she’ll probably try to make it like you’re in the wrong.’ Kim shared her opinion: ‘Don’t post anything else. Everyone has problems,’
Apology accepted: Kim said she appreciated the bold move

but Rob makes the point that he doesn’t want to leave it as it is because fans will think he has been spiteful. ‘I don’t want people to think I’m being a bitch,’ he shared.  Kim thinks being nasty is not the answer, sharing with the camera that: ‘Ever since Rob has broken up with his girlfriend he has been dating all these girls that I don’t think are his type.’ Then things turn serious when she calls her mother to spill details of the rude conversation they had.
No sibling rivalry: Kourtney and Kim then supported him at his Neiman Marcus sock line launch
She told Kris Jenner about him asking if Kanye will do a song with his friend. Kim revealed: ‘He said: “I hope your sex tape haunts you for the rest of your life and I'm going to publicly bash you and Kanye."' At dinner with Kanye, Kourtney and her son Mason, Rob calls to apologise and explains that he was simply angry over his
A confession to make: Eventually Khloe told the group about Scott's ways at dinner

heartbreak. He said: ‘I wanted to apologise. Obviously the things I said to you in the text message, I was just being mean.’ Kim replied: ‘I appreciate you being mature and calling me instead of dragging this fight out.’ His relatives were still worried about him though, as his behaviour noticeably changed as he tried to cope with the pain becoming single again. Kim said: ‘I don’t know who he is hanging out with, but I feel like it’s not him. He has so much going on and he is depressed.’ But they thought his sock line launch at Neiman Marcus will cheer him up and he was happy to take his mind off the bad energy when he got to Miami.
  A gift from me to you: Kim surprised her sister by giving her a dream Miami home
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Pop-singer who drank her own urine in an effort to ‘be healthy and Hot Jenna Dewan-Tatum


Why Jenna Dewan-Tatum is hot?

Channing Tatum may actually have the second best body in his household. The actor’s wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum, a former backup dancer for Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, is turning heads with her stunning photo feature in the March issue of Esquire magazine. The 32-year-old Texan met her husband on the set of 2006’s “Step Up”

Jenna Dewan-Tatum shows off her dancer's body in the March issue of Esquire.

and recently guest-starred in a memorable love scene with Maroon 5’s Adam Levine on FX’s “American Horror Story: Asylum.” She also had a recurring role on the short-lived NBC series, “The Playboy Club,” two years ago.

Pop-singer who drank her own urine (video)

Ki$ha's weird antics are caught on tape, and this time it's just downright disgusting. In the 25-year-old singer's upcoming MTV documentary series, "Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life," her journalist brother, Lagan Sebert films her drinking her own urine in an effort at good health.  "I was told drinking my own pee was good, I was trying to be healthy," the shockertainer said in a BBC Radio 1 interview, according to The New Zealand Herald. "Somebody tried to take my pee away from me, and I said, 'That is mine!' So I snatched it


up and took a chug and it was really gross, so I don't do it anymore." Guess that's better than drinking blood from a human heart as the singer claims to have done on stage last year while performing in Sydney … or is it? "I think I was hanging out with Alice Cooper too much," she said in an interview at the time. "I was just really inspired to do it. There wasn't a very good reason behind it."

 LAS VEGAS, NV - MAY 22: Singer Kesha arrives at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena May 22, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images)
But is there ever really a good reason to drink human blood or urine? Apparently this pop star seems to think so. Never short of outrageous behavior, Ke$ha's documentary series includes the "Die Young" singer "making out with dudes, jumping out of a building, jumping out of (airplanes), swimming with sharks" and more. "We didn't know what we were doing per se, but it's my little brother, and he's my best friend," Ke$ha said on the radio of the filming process for her documentary. "He got all the things you would want to see and all the things you wouldn't really want to see." Ke$ha doesn't ever fail to feed fans exactly what they expect from her … those who still have their teeth that is. The "Cannibal" singer revealed in an interview last year to BANG Showbiz that after requesting fans to "send me their teeth" she received "over 1,000 human teeth," which she "made into a bra top, and a headdress, and earrings, and necklaces."
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Who was Reeva Steenkamp?

Who was Reeva Steenkamp?

She was Blade Runner istorius' girlfriend was top model and 'child of god'.Reeva Steenkamp and Oscar Pistorius were one of South Africa's most high-profile celebrity couples prior to her death.
  • Reeva was born in Cape Town and moved to Port Elizabeth as a child
  • She was a law graduate
  • She moved to JHB six years ago after being scouted by model agencies
  • She was named the first face of cosmetics giant Avon South Africa
  • Reeva travelled between JHB and Cape Town to film and shot some of SA's leading campaigns and commercials
  • She has worked for Toyota, FHM, Clover and Italian brand Zui
'Rising star': Reeva Steenkamp, pictured at the Virgin Active sports industry awards in Johannesburg, South Africa, on February 7, was shot dead allegedly by her boyfriend Oscar Pistorius at their home
  • She had a background in TV presenting and once was the live roaming presenter for FashionTV in South Africa

  • Reeva had a passion for cars and cooking.
  • She was due to be one of the stars of SA reality TV show Tropika Island of Treasure
  • Reeva was from a family of horse trainers and her father, Barry, is related to famous South African trainers the Amos brothers
Reeva Steenkamp
In her own words on her Twitter biography, Reeva Steenkamp describes herself as: "SA Model, Cover Girl, Tropika Island of Treasure Celeb Contestant, Law Graduate, Child of God."As recently as Wednesday Steenkamp was active on Twitter, and in response to an invite from friends asking her to visit and share cakes on Valentine's Day, she said: "I'm there like a bear!!! Yayyyy!!!! X"The 30-year-old model, who with Pistorius formed South Africa's equivalent of Posh and Becks, also expressed her excitement for the big day on Twitter, saying: "What do you have up your sleeve for your love tomorrow??? #getexcited #ValentinesDay"
In response to someone else's plans, Steenkamp replied: "That sounds amazing! Wow that's what it's all about! It should be a day of love for everyone :) may it be blessed!" On 1 February she tweeted to Pistorius telling him he was "beautiful". She wrote: "He certainly doesn't need more followers but he's beautiful to look at & says some smart stuff too ;)" This weekend, Steenkamp was set to star in the South African reality television series Tropika Island of Treasure, in which celebrities and ordinary people compete in remote, exotic locations in a variety of daily challenges. On the show's website, a tribute to Steenkamp says: "We are deeply saddened and extend our condolences to Reeva's family and friends."The website also carries a profile of the star,

describing her as someone who "prefers to read a book on her off days".It says Steenkamp was born in Cape Town and moved as a child to Port Elizabeth, where she continued her studies and graduated with a degree in law. Named the first face of the cosmetics giant Avon South Africa, according to the profile, she has since featured in some of her country's leading campaigns and commercials, and was working on some

"major projects". The website adds that she was also focusing on "smaller TV roles as well as a lead in a new reality TV show".It continues: "Reeva has a passion for cars and cooking and prefers to read a book on her off days and spend quality time with friends and family." Steenkamp's publicist Sarit Tomlinson described her as "the sweetest human being and an absolute angel on earth". She added: "She was the kindest, most unbelievable girl."
 Reeva Steenkamp modelling for Zui
She told Sky News: "It's shocking. No one knows what happened. We're waiting for information. There are people we are waiting to speak to, to validate some of the
Multi-faceted: She graduated with a law degree, but made a dynamic career change after being scouted and named the first face of cosmetics giant Avon South Africa

stories."She added: "There was so much in the pipeline for her. She was just about to explode into the media. A very talented, very bright young girl. It's a huge loss for everyone. It's just too shocking for words."
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why MICHELLE OBAMA is furious on scandalous film and why Kate Middleton Baby Bump Photos?


Why MICHELLE OBAMA is furious on scandalous film and why Kate Middleton Baby Bump Photos?

Why MICHELLE OBAMA is furious ?

FLOTUS furious as femme fatale rival lobbies for most scandalous role of ALL – MRS. BARACK OBAMA. SEXY “Scandal” beauty Kerry Washing­ton is lobbying to play Michelle Obama in a new TV movie, and sources say the first lady is furious! Michelle,

49, suspects that President Barack Obama has the hots for Kerry, 35, and as The ENQUIRER reported, flew into a jealous rage at her hubby for inviting the actress to his inauguration. Now sources say that Kerry’s desire to portray Michelle on film has sent the first lady over the edge. “Its’ the final insult,” said a source close to Mrs. Obama. “It’s only going to cause more sparks in the White House.”

The first couple’s 20-year marriage has been fragile for years, with sources tell­ing The ENQUIRER that Michelle met with divorce lawyers on three occasions, and once ordered divorce papers be prepared. When then-Sen. Obama began campaigning for the White House in 2008, Michelle even grilled her husband to make sure he didn’t have any extramarital skeletons in his closet. But Michelle’s jealousy kicked into high gear after
the president appointed Kerry to his arts and humanities committee, and then chose the “Django Unchained” stunner to speak at last summer’s Democratic conven­tion. “Kerry may have no idea how smitten Barack is with her, but Michelle clearly has her claws out,” a White House source told The ENQUIRER. “Michelle was furious when she found out Kerry had been in­vited to the inauguration, and ripped into Barack, telling him, ‘Stay
away from that woman!’ “Her jealous rage put a damper on the inauguration festivities, but at least the meltdown took place behind closed doors.” In a desperate bid to win back her husband’s attention, Michelle even got a new hair­style that takes years off her appearance, and closely resembles Kerry’s look. Now the tables are turned and Kerry wants to imitate the first lady! “There’s a controversial script making the rounds in Hollywood that explores Michelle’s rise from a Chicago hospital administrator to first lady,” said an insider. “Kerry has instructed her agents to make damn sure she’s in the running for the lead. “In addition to building a portfolio of herself as the first lady, Kerry is picking over Michelle’s past, and studying her mannerisms and unique personality traits so she can portray her style. “Kerry wants to make sure she can blow her competition out of the water. But most of all, she’s hoping she’ll get a chance to spend time doing ‘research’ with the president!”

Why Kate Middleton Baby Bump Photos?


Kate Middleton Baby Bump

As promised, Chi Magazine defiantly published long-lens photos of the pregnant Kate Middleton strolling on the beach in Mustique in a blue bikini. With the 31-year-old Duchess' ever-so-slight baby bump visible, the magazine's headline reads "La Pancia Cresce." Translation: "Your Belly Grows." So does the controversy over Kate's right to privacy. Chi Magazine, which supposedly paid $300,000-plus for the Kate Middleton bikini photos, appears utterly unconcerned by the ire of the British royal family. Not shocking, considering that Chi, along France's Closer and other publications in Europe, ran even more scandalous topless photos of Kate last year. Still, their publication has the Palace up in arms, again. Reports first started to filter out over the weekend that a photographer managed the impossible, somehow breaching Mustique's legendary security.

Kate Middleton Chi Magazine Cover
Photos of Kate and sister Pippa Middleton strolling on Mustique's palm-fringed shores in bikinis emerged, but the UK media declined to run them. The Sunday People said it had "chosen not to view the pictures," let alone use them, and "like the rest of the British media, will not publish them." One UK journalist says there's "zero possibility" the Kate Middleton pics will be printed in Britain in the aftermath of last year's controversy. Elsewhere, however?
As we've seen, all bets are off outside the United Kingdom. A St. James's Palace spokesman said: "We are disappointed that photographs of the Duke and Duchess on a private holiday look likely to be published overseas." "This is a clear breach of the couple's right to privacy."The photographs, taken from a boat offshore, may not be illegal, but are a huge blow for Mustique, which has thrived on its reputation as a paparazzi-free enclave.
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