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Why Rob Kardashian lashes out at Kim Kardashian?

Why Rob Kardashian lashes out at sister Kim Kardashian?

Breaking up with somebody is hard enough. But when your protective and outspoken sisters get involved, emotions are bound to end up overloading and causing more problems. That was exactly the case for Rob Kardashian on the latest episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami as his siblings tried to help him deal with his split from singer Rita Ora. Kourtney, Kim and Khloe chimed in as Rob and Rita embarked on a Twitter war and tried to give him advice.
 Text stress: The fall out came after Kim rejected his request for Kanye West to do a song with his friend

They told Rob he needed to cut communication for a while. Eldest sister Kourtney warned: ‘She’s the one that’s in the wrong but she’ll probably try to make it like you’re in the wrong.’ Kim shared her opinion: ‘Don’t post anything else. Everyone has problems,’
Apology accepted: Kim said she appreciated the bold move

but Rob makes the point that he doesn’t want to leave it as it is because fans will think he has been spiteful. ‘I don’t want people to think I’m being a bitch,’ he shared.  Kim thinks being nasty is not the answer, sharing with the camera that: ‘Ever since Rob has broken up with his girlfriend he has been dating all these girls that I don’t think are his type.’ Then things turn serious when she calls her mother to spill details of the rude conversation they had.
No sibling rivalry: Kourtney and Kim then supported him at his Neiman Marcus sock line launch
She told Kris Jenner about him asking if Kanye will do a song with his friend. Kim revealed: ‘He said: “I hope your sex tape haunts you for the rest of your life and I'm going to publicly bash you and Kanye."' At dinner with Kanye, Kourtney and her son Mason, Rob calls to apologise and explains that he was simply angry over his
A confession to make: Eventually Khloe told the group about Scott's ways at dinner

heartbreak. He said: ‘I wanted to apologise. Obviously the things I said to you in the text message, I was just being mean.’ Kim replied: ‘I appreciate you being mature and calling me instead of dragging this fight out.’ His relatives were still worried about him though, as his behaviour noticeably changed as he tried to cope with the pain becoming single again. Kim said: ‘I don’t know who he is hanging out with, but I feel like it’s not him. He has so much going on and he is depressed.’ But they thought his sock line launch at Neiman Marcus will cheer him up and he was happy to take his mind off the bad energy when he got to Miami.
  A gift from me to you: Kim surprised her sister by giving her a dream Miami home
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