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Sexy Female Olympians to watch in Olympic


This is my first blog on London Olympic. This year Games will be held in London from 27 July - 12 August, 2012. The 2012 Summer Olympics in London are only a month away and almost all of the athletes have already qualified or are in the process of qualifying to represent their home country.

This is the best time of year for any fan of the Olympics. There are athletes fighting with everything they have left to make their national teams—many of them women. Now, I understand that some of these women might not make it or have not qualified yet, but let's just pretend that they will all make it. And if not, you still have a name of a beautiful female athlete to admire for the next four years.

Angelica Wallen: Handball (Sweden)

Is it just me or is handball becoming a very interesting sport to watch in the Olympics?Sweden has never won a women's team handball Olympic gold medal in the entire history of the sport. In fact, this is only the second time the Swedish team has qualified for the Olympics. Angelica Wallen might not be a superstar, but I promise you that she will be once they upset everyone else and win a gold medal this year.

Kristyna Kolocova: Beach Volleyball (Czech Republic)

In the Czech Republic, Kristyna Kolocova is one of the best female beach volleyball players in the country. She is paired up with Marketa Slukova, to form a duo who could cause some issues for other teams in London.

Daniela Hantuchova: Tennis (Russia)

Daniela Hantuchova has been dealing with injuries and personal issues and has had problems hitting her stride in 2012. Maybe London will be the kick start she needs to get going in 2012.

Amy Rodriguez: Soccer (US)

Following the U.S. national team's epic World Cup run in 2011, Amy Rodriguez went back home and married her boyfriend and fellow USC athlete Adam Shilling. So before you ask, no, she is not single.And even if she were, your chances are as good as mine—slim to none.

Becky Hammon: Basketball (Russia)

Can someone explain why Becky Hammon plays for Russia every four years and not the United States?  No, never mind. I understand why someone would play for Russia in basketball. They pay $250,000 to the players if they win a gold medal. 

Kerri Walsh Jennings: Beach Volleyball (US)


Kerri Walsh Jennings is only one half of the beach volleyball duo that has dominated the previous two Olympic games, winning gold medals in both and never losing a set.
They had an unbeaten streak of 108 games before finally dropping a game. They might not be coming in as the favorites this time, but when the games begin, they might continue that incredible Olympic run.

Hannah England: Track and Field (UK)

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The British middle-distance runner Hannah England has a perfect name. That is like being called Joe America or Cynthia Czech Republic.
But if she was born in Canada, it might be a bit confusing. 

Kosovare Asllani: Soccer (Sweden)
Kosovare Asllani was born in Kristianstad, Sweden, and currently plays for Sweden's national team, as well as professionally for the Kristianstads DFF.

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Sue Bird: Basketball (US)

She is making these lists for the past 10 years because she is one of the most attractive female basketball players the United States has ever produced. She is one of the best players of all time.

Alina Talay: Hurdles (Belarus)

A hurdle is a small metal structure that stands about 33 inches high and is placed eight meters apart from each other on a track of 100m in length. There are 10 of them.

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