Friday, July 29, 2011

Why Hefner Runaway Bride Sorry for Sex Comments (video)



Crystal Harris apologized to Hugh Hefner for saying on the Howard Stern show that the Playboy magnate lasted "like two seconds" in bed. The former Playmate, 25, tweeted Thursday, "The Stern interview scared me, he's harsh. I was unprepared and blurted out things I shouldn't have said, I'm sorry." Hefner, 85, accepted Harris' apology and appreciated her public mea culpa. Her comments "didn't have much to do with reality," Hefner tweeted about the couple's sex life. "I think Crystal told Howard Stern what he wanted to hear," Hef wrote later, responding to one of his followers, adding, "I don't blame Howard. Crystal shouldn't have been booked on the show at this sensitive time

She said
Hugh Hefner's ex-fiancee, Crystal Harris, is hurling more insults at the aged Playboy founder... this time on the radio with talk show host Howard Stern. Harris claims Hef

When Stern asked why the Playboy model said yes to Hefner's wedding proposal, she replied, "I think that's what I wanted right then." The 25-year-old also revealed, "I've never seen Hef naked. I couldn't stomach it."
Hugh fired back on Twitter, saying, "Sex with Crystal the first night was good enough so that I kept her over two more nights... Crystal lied about our relationship on Howard Stern but I don't know why."
e famous bachelor also said he feels "sorry for Crystal" because "she seems lost."
ef very publicly moved on from Harris just days after their wedding was called off in June, and says he's in a "better place with new girlfriends Anna Sophia Berglund and Shera Bechard

, 85, lasted "like two seconds" in the bedroom, adding, "I just, like, walked away. I'm turned off by Hef."


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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nice-Vanessa Hudgens Confronts Cameraman over Cigarette Pic (video)


Vanessa Hudgens doesn't just have short hair these days. She also has a short temper, at least when it comes to paparazzi taking photos of her smoking. The actress was snapped with a cigarette in her mouth while riding in a pal's BMW this week. She reacted by exiting the car and confronting the X17 cameraman responsible for outing this bad habit, seemingly going after his camera while he tried to drive away. Video rolling, the photographer screamed at Hudgens to "get out of my car," while the star yelled at witnesses to help and said: "He's about to run over a man, I hope you're filming this, a-shole!"
This isn't the first time Vanessa has gotten into trouble for smoking. In the past, though, a scandal emerged not from any nicotine inhaling, but from smoking hot images of the actress naked.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wow-Entourage Bikini Babes! The Sexiest Stars Of The Hit Show Stripped Down

Over the years, some of Hollywood’s sexiest stars have been featured on HBO’s hit show Entourage, which is entering into its final season this Sunday.In honor of the Season 8 premiere, has photos of the hottest bikini babes who have made appearances on the series – stripped down and showing off their bombshell bikini bods.
Malin Akerman may be a big screen bombshell now, but back in 2006, when she played Tori “the threesome girl” the blonde babe was virtually unknown! The Girls Next Door Kendra Wilkinson, Bridget Marquardt and Holly Madison were featured in Season 2, when the gang hit up a Playboy party at the mansion

Scarlett Johansson showed off her gorgeous curves in the season one finale.
Scarlett Johansson

Lisa Rinna played Donna Davaney in the Season 4 episode Malibooty.
Lisa Rinna

Holly Madison and the Girls Next Door were featured in Season 2’s
Aquamansion episode.
Holly Madison

Bigscreen babe Malin Akerman played Tori, the threesome girl.
Malin Akerman

Leighton Meester’s pop-star character Justine Chapin played Vince’s
reappearing love interest.
Leighton Meester

Kate Mara starred in Season 6, playing E’s assistant.
Kate Mara

Perry Reeves has been on Entourage since the first season.
Perry Reeves

Entourage Bikini Babes

Jamie Lynn Sigler played herself and dated Turtle on Season 5.
Jamie Lynn Sigler
Jessica Alba sizzled up the screen during the first season.
Jessica Alba
Hot mama Ali Larter was in the Entourage pilot!
Ali Larter
Reality star Whitney Port made an appearance in Season 5.
Whitney Port

Bridget Marquardt and the Girls Next Door were featured in Season 2’s
Aquamansion episode.
Bridget Marquardt

Kendra Wilkinson and the Girls Next Door were featured in Season 2’s
Aquamansion episode.
Kendra Wilkinson
90210 star Sara Foster appeared in the first season of Entourage.
 Sara Foster
Aussie actress Sophie Monk appeared in Season 4.
Sophie Monk

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Latest on Casey Anthony –Book Deal and Her Rubber Mask Is Scarier

All the secrets of the Casey Anthony trial may soon be revealed! Well, maybe not all of them. Casey's defense lawyer, Jose Baez, is said to be eyeing a book deal with literary agent Richard Pine of Inkwell Management, having met with Pine last week, according to the NY Post. Pine's famous authors include Arianna Huffington and thriller master James Patterson. Baez, who is also in talks to become a TV legal expert, told the NY Post, "I have met with various people. Just because I meet with someone does not mean that I plan on signing any agreements or taking any job offers. I have a job, and I feel the wisest thing to do right now is just listen. I have not made any decisions and probably will not until I have had the opportunity to discuss things with my family and my closest advisors."

Whoever decides to work with Baez and Anthony will have to endure the wrath of angry Casey Anthony watchers, who do not want her to profit from the murder of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony. Talent agency Paradigm signed Baez after the trial, but quickly dropped him following the backlash. Publisher Simon & Schuster's Facebook page was attacked last week by readers who believed a false rumor that the publishing house was planning to sign a book deal with Anthony.

Casey Anthony Rubber Mask Is Scarier Than the Real Thing

It isn't even September yet, but already Halloween lovers can get their Casey Anthony mask on eBay for the low, low price of $175, though it will probably go up. After all, it's a rare find and who doesn't want to be Casey Anthony -- the most vilified former defendant since OJ Simpson -- for Halloween?

Hmm ... I can think of a few people, myself included, who actually think it's a bit too soon. Personally, I would be afraid to wear it in public, especially when people are being attacked for just looking like Ms. Anthony.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Mary J. Blige Opens up about sexual abuse


Opening up about an emotional topic, Mary J. Blige told VH1's Behind the Music that being molested when she was a child made her feel "worthless."Last night, the Grammy award-winning singer gave a candid interview in which she talks about her difficult childhood and molested at the age of five.
Discussing the sexual abuse, Mary said: "When I was five years old I was molested and just, you know. I remember feeling, literally right before it happened, I just could not believe that this person was going to do this to me." However, the fear and anger soon turned to blaming herself. She added: "That thing followed me all my life. The shame of thinking my molestation was my fault."

"It led me to believe I wasn't worth anything."Mary also opened up about her alcohol problems and credits husband Kendu for her ability to quit: "When I stopped drinking, it was willpower."

"It was prayer. It was really hard. But most of all, I cared so much about [Kendu], I didn't wanna be just this alcoholic burden on him."In addition to Kendu, she is eternally grateful to Diddy:

"If it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't have made it this far in my career, because he pushed me, challenged me to challenge myself."We applaud Mary for speaking so candidly on such topics, and wish her nothing but the best in her continuing musical pursuits

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Update-Why Jennifer Lopez-Marc Anthony split Happen

Jennifer Lopez Nearly Left Marc Anthony After Stewardess Hookup

J. Lo Source: Marc Anthony Nailed Some Stewardess.

The surprising Jennifer Lopez-Marc Anthony split continues to generate rumors regarding why the seemingly-happy couple is divorcing after seven years.

Us' cover story suggests infidelity was a concern - if not an overt reason - for the twosome, parents to 3-year-old twins Emme and Max, parting ways.At issue specifically? Anthony's fling with a flight attendant. A source says that Anthony hooked up with a flight attendant he met aboard a private plane in 2009, and that for J. Lo, that was almost it right there."Marc and Jennifer almost split up over it," the source says. "Jennifer was going to leave him then, but Marc begged her to stay. They went to marriage counseling and she gave it another shot. He was someone she truly loved."Although Anthony and the American Idol judge weathered that storm of infidelity, his jealousy over Lopez's sex symbol status and successful career continued to drive a wedge between them - one they ultimately couldn't bridge.Marc's controlling behavior over his wife's wardrobe and business endeavors - and his own unfounded paranoia - ultimately did them in. Very sad.

Jennifer Lopez Nearly Left Marc Anthony After Stewardess Hookup

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Real Or False-Lady Gaga: 'I got laid last night'

Lady Gaga has admitted to a romantic tryst with a mystery lover (Pic: Getty)
Playing down their connection, the Bad Romance singer instead signalled one of her entourage was the person to give her a late- night work out.

‘I got laid last night,’ she told Stern, ‘the guys who are here are my best friends in the whole world.’ Addressing speculation about the barman, she said: ‘You’re talking about Luc Carl; he’s been my best friend since I was 19.’ Despite her bedroom frolics, Gaga warned young fans to wait before losing their virginity. ‘You should wait as long as you can to have sex, because as a woman, you don’t even begin to enjoy it until your mid-20s,’ she said. ‘When you’re 17, you don’t know how to operate what’s going on down there and you shouldn’t try.’

Gaga also lifted the lid on her drug abuse and warned her fans to steer clear. ‘To any little sweethearts that are listening – don’t touch cocaine, it’s the devil,’ she said.

In a frank admission, the star said at her lowest she used drugs as a substitute for friends. ‘I think that I was lonely and there was something about the drug that made me feel like I had a friend. And I regret every line that I ever did.’

Now that she’s kicked the coke, Gaga has a new inspiration. ‘Whatever my vagina whispers to me, I say: “Yes, inspiration.” It doesn’t come all the time,’ she said.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wow-Elin Nordegren BF: I did not have Sex with THAT Woman BUT



Elin Nordegren is PISSED ... after learning Rachel Uchitel told friends she had slept with BF Jamie Dingman. Now Jamie is denying it happened, but others are providing VERY specific details. Sources tell TMZ ... Elin was blindsided when the TMZ story ran over the weekend ... that Tiger Woods' #1 mistress had slept with Jamie and Elin didn't know about it.We reported Jamie hooked up with Rachel twice in Miami in October, 2009, when they were staying together-- less than 2 months before the scandal broke. Jamie's friends now tell TMZ ... Rachel is lying and that they never had sex and never stayed together.
But other people familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Rachel and Jamie went down to Miami in October, 2009, to work on a plan for a new investment business.
We're told the 2 stayed together for 2 1/2 weeks -- at the home of Chris Barish, the third partner in the prospective business. Jamie had a girlfriend at the time -- a model named Inez -- but she wasn't around much.

People who were at Barish's house tell us ... Jamie came into Rachel's room late at night twice and the two hooked up ... and they heard Rachel discussing it with Barish the morning after each liaison.

Ironically, at the time this was allegedly going on, we're told Chris Barish hooked up with Jen Madden, the woman who sold the Tiger story to the National Enquirer. And get this -- people staying at Barish's house tell us ... Jen got a lot of her info from discussions between Rachel, Jamie and Chris about Tiger's illicit relationship with Rachel.As for Jamie and Elin, we're told they've been quietly dating for 6 months.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Nice-J-Woww strips down to her lingerie, flaunts curves in Maxim

'Jersey Shore' star Jenni (J-Woww) Farley wows in the August issue of Maxim.

Jersey Shore" star Jenni (J-Woww) Farley is known for wearing head-turning get-ups for her many male admirers.But now, she's putting her best assets on display for the world to see.The busty reality show star dons semi-sheer polka-dot lingerie, among a number of other sexy outfits, in the August issue of Maxim. In a slightly corny nod to her Italian heritage, the self-proclaimed "guidette" even poses with a plate of spaghetti in the photo spread. In one shot, she takes a bite of the red-sauced pasta while wearing nothing but a silk robe and undies.The multi-page spread isn't the first time Farley's made it in the magazine. She was included in Maxim's Hot 100 for 2011 list in May when the magazine called her "the sexiest storm ever to strike the Garden State."

At the time she tweeted, "Can't wait to pose for Maxim again."

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Woo-See Eva Longoria Lesbian Kiss with Kate Del Castillo (video)


Eva Longoria stars in the indie comedy, "Without Men," as the de facto lady in charge of a Latin American village that loses all of its men when they are forcibly recruited by a bunch of guerilla revolutionaries. It looks like a largely fun film about women taking over the various unsavory roles that men fill in everyday society, with "The Office" star Oscar Nunez, as a priest, the only hombre in town. Eventually, American journalist Christian Slater comes to town and seems to spark a romance with Longoria's character, but before that, any and all sexual interplay is strictly a ladies-only affair.Which means Longoria some lesbian moments -- with co-star Kate del Castillo.“It was a little difficult as the two girls are both straight so they were very nervous and laughed a lot,” the film's director, Gabriela Tagliavini, told Fox News. “But I think that just made it even lovelier. [Female audiences] don’t want to watch porn, so it was all very sensual, both are very beautiful women aside from being incredibly funny.”Of course, this isn't the first time Longoria has dabbled in girls-only kissing on film -- though she may want to forget the last time it happened.In April, Longoria re-upped her contract for "Desperate Housewives," and she'll also soon star in "The Baytown Disco."  Based on James Cannon's best selling book, "Tales From the Town of Widows," the film hits theaters July 29th.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011



Shocking claim! A Florida woman says she carried on a seven-year affair with JUDGE BELVIN PERRY, who presided over the CASEY ANTHONY trial! And she says the married father of two is just as big a liar as Casey! Although the 61-year-old jurist was applauded for his handling of the controversial trial, a source close to his mistress Janis Williamson paints the judge as a cheating cad who relentlessly pursued her and then fired her to pro­tect his career.Even worse, Judge Perry repeat­edly lied to federal investigators after Williamson blew the whistle on their scandalous affair and slapped him with a lawsuit, said the source.“Judge Belvin Perry is as big a liar as Casey Anthony!” the source told The ENQUIRER.“Janis told me, ‘The man is a flat-out liar who tried to destroy my life. It sickens me to hear people praising him. They don’t know him like I do. He’s a hypocrite.’”Williamson, 62, was a deputy court administrator for Florida’s Ninth Judicial Circuit in 1989 when Perry began pursuing her, said the source. At the time, he was a circuit judge in Florida’s Osceola County.

“Janis said Judge Perry kept coming into her office and flirting with her.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Truth or Lie-Daniel Baldwin Swears: My Wife Tried to Kill Me!


Actor Daniel Baldwin has filed a declaration explaining why he recently file for divorce. Short story? His wife threatened to murder him, he says.Daniel claims wife Joanne once came into the bedroom and said she had just watched a documentary on women who kill their husbands. Nice.
"Now I know how to do it, I understand why they did it," she said. "You have been warned." Daniel says their daughter heard the comment.Is Mommy going to kill us?" the girl reportedly asked. According to the declaration, Daniel says Joanne is "highly intoxicated in our home.""She screams over money," Alec's brother said, "and proceeds to wake both children up by screaming and throwing objects around the house."
Baldwin claims Joanne has punched him in the head, pulled a knife on him, slapped him and hit him in the face with a phone in recent years.Daniel claims she drinks so much she blacks out, and that the final straw came when Joanne went into a "violent rage" after arguing with her mom.
He says she punched him in the head and face. Police deemed her unfit to care for the kids, telling Daniel to remove them from the house. He did.He then filed for divorce. Probably not the worst move.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wow-VIDEO: Pippa Middleton's bum gets its own YouTube series


Pippa Middleton fake bum

Thought you'd heard the last of Pippa Middleton's backside? Nope. The owner of the most famous bum in Britain is about to be immortalized in her own YouTube series.The spoof is the handiwork of Alison Jackson, the artist and satirical photographer behind Doubletake (you remember? That programme with all the lookalikies?) who has made everyone's favourite posh party girl the victim of her latest stunt.The series is called 'How To Create The Perfect Pippa Bottom' and instructs viewers on how they too can develop a derriere that -- let's face it -- completely stole the show at one of the biggest televised events on earth.Naturally -- though no less disappointingly -- the videos don't feature the actual Pippa Middleton, but squint a bit and it might as well.Jackson told the Daily Mail: "I held auditions for a Pippa Middleton face and a separate Pippa bottom. It took several casting sessions to find the ideal bottom double, Gabriella Parris.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Wow-Brooke Mueller: Caught with a Crack Pipe? (see)

Brooke Mueller Loses It

So much for Brooke Mueller reportedly doing well. A picture has surfaced online that appears to depict Charlie Sheen's troubled ex-wife in possession of a homemade crack pipe. See it for yourself at TMZ.

No word yet from Mueller or her team, but sources say Brooke fled from the scene as quickly as possible once she saw the photographer.
Mueller, who is the primary caretaker for the twins she shares with Sheen, has been in and out of rehab 15 times. Less than a month ago, she was found wandering the streets of Hawaii, cash in hand.
The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, meanwhile, has not visited either Brooke or Charlie at any point in the last six months. It's safe to say an appointment might have to be made now.

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Friday, July 08, 2011

Update-New Jersey Housewives Sex Scandal


A shocking sex scandal is ready to explode behind the scenes of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” – TERESA GIUDICE’s in-laws are renting an apartment to a convicted child molester!The ENQUIRER has learned Frank and Filomena Giudice – parents of Teresa’s hubby “Juicy” Joe – have leased one of their Paterson, N.J., rental units to 36-year-old David Valez, who is listed on the New Jersey Sex Offender Internet Registry for repeated, horrifying offenses.Court records reveal that Valez “admitted to sexually assaulting two boys ages 6 and 7 and admitted to assaulting the 7-year-old on several occasions over a period of six years. (Valez) came into contact with the victims through his employment at a school.”

“This is the last thing Teresa needs,” a show insider told The ENQUIRER.“It’s appalling to think that her in-laws are renting to a sex fiend while she has four young girls of her own running around.”
The chilling development is the latest ordeal in the bumpy life of the reality show’s 39-year-old breakout star.
Teresa is still reeling from ugly allegations of Joe’s infidelity, his fraud arrest, their bankruptcy and her ongoing feud with her brother Joe and sister-in-law Melissa Gorga.

When contacted by The ENQUIRER about the scandal, Teresa’s father-in-law Frank said: “I don’t know anything,” and refused to answer questions.

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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Update-Casey Anthony gets 4 years for lying in child-death case

 PHOTO: Casey Anthony and her attorney, Jose Baez, are pictured during her sentencing hearing, Orlando, Fla., July 7, 2011.

Good one-

The riveting case of a young mother whose two-year-old daughter disappeared and was found dead in a wooded area near her grandparents' Florida home continued Thursday with the sentencing of Casey Anthony to four one-year terms for lying to police.Chief Judge Belvin Perry Jr. told the Orlando court that Anthony would get one year in jail for each misdemeanour count, and a fine of $1,000 US on each of the four counts "to run consecutive to each other." However, she will also get credit for the nearly three years she has already served in jail.The sentencing decision means Anthony will remain in jail for the time being. The judge said she has 30 days to file any notice of appeal.
It will be determined later how much credit she will get for time served, Perry said, adding that that could happen late this month or early August. At that point, she may be released or stay in jail.Thursday's sentencing hearing followed the 25-year-old's acquittal Tuesday on the three most serious charges against her — the first-degree murder of daughter Caylee Anthony, aggravated child abuse and manslaugher.
Wearing a silvery blue sweater and her long chestnut brown hair down, Anthony sat stone-faced, often looking down and fidgeting with her hair, until hearing her sentence.

She was found guilty by a jury of four misdemeanour counts, based on an interview with a detective on July 16, 2008. Anthony, in jail for nearly three years, could have served a maximum of one year in jail for each count, but received credit for time already served.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Who is Casey Anthony, Why she is found Not Guilty


Casey Anthony has been found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. The jury declined to convict her of either first degree murder or manslaughter.  The jury found Casey Anthony guilty on four counts of providing false information to law enforcement, which are misdemeanors. It's possible she could be released from prison later this week. Clutching the hand of her defense attorney Jose Baez, Casey Anthony began to sob as the verdict was read. The rest of her defense team stood beside her, also clutching hands. She thanked Baez as she was swarmed by the defense team.
Her parents, Cindy and George Anthony, left the courtroom as Judge Belvin Perry read further instructions to the jury and did not approach their daughter. Casey Anthony, who sat grim, faced throughout the six weeks of testimony, beamed happily as she was fingerprinted in the courtroom for her misdemeanor convictions. Sentencing on the guilty counts will be held on Thursday. The maximum sentence applicable in this case is four years, but having already served two and a half years behind bars, Casey Anthony stands to serve one and a half years.
 Casey Anthony: From Loving Mother to Disheveled Convict

Casey Anthony gives off the "pregnant glow," standing next to her mother Cindy Anthony. Casey gave birth to her daughter Caylee on Aug. 9, 2005.

Casey Anthony: From Loving Mother to Disheveled Convict 
This photo, entered into evidence on day 18 of the trial, captures a mother-daughter moment between Casey and Caylee. Casey is now on trial for the first-degree murder for her 2-year-old daughter whose remains were found in the woods in 2008.

Casey Anthony: From Loving Mother to Disheveled Convict

Smiling with Caylee in her arms, this photo was found on a computer during the investigation of Caylee's death. Casey did not report that her daughter was missing until a month after Caylee had disappeared. Casey and her defense team claim that Caylee drowned in the family's swimming pool.

Casey Anthony: From Loving Mother to Disheveled Convict

Sitting on a couch next to her daughter, Casey looks to be carefree, having fun playing guitar while Caylee looks into the camera.

Casey Anthony: From Loving Mother to Disheveled Convict

Casey was all smiles when pictured with her boyfriend Tony Lazzaro who testified that Casey virtually moved in with him after Caylee disappeared. Lazzaro told the court that Casey's demeanor never changed throughout the period in which Caylee was missing

Casey Anthony: From Loving Mother to Disheveled Convict

Mother turned party girl, witnesses testified that Casey often partied with friends during the month that Caylee disappeared. Here, Casey competed in a "hot body" contest at Fusion nightclub in Orlando, Fla

Casey Anthony: From Loving Mother to Disheveled Convict

In short shorts and white-rimmed sunglasses, Casey arrives at her laywer's office in Kissimmee, Fla., on Oct. 9, 2008. Caylee is still missing, as she appears to have a photo of her daughter tied to her purse. Seven days prior on Oct. 2, Casey was named a suspect in her daughter's disappearance

Casey Anthony: From Loving Mother to Disheveled Convict

Accused by witnesses and police as showing little to no emotion while her daughter was missing, Anthony broke down in the courtroom in Orlando, Fla., on July 22, 2008. Anthony was arrested on child-neglect and other charges after Orange County sheriff detectives accused her of telling a string of lies about her daughter's disappearance, which was reported to police on July 15.

Casey Anthony: From Loving Mother to Disheveled Convict

Four months pass by without any signs of Caylee. Here, Casey goes before a judge on Oct. 15, 2008 to hear the charges against her.

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Monday, July 04, 2011

Update-Maria wants to completely destroy Arnold, and she’ll stop at nothing to exact her revenge


MARIA SHRIVER offically filed divorce papers Friday afternoon citing "irreconcilable differences" with her cheating hubby Arnold Schwarzenegger.And, sources say, Maria will take NO prisoners in her divorce war.“Maria wants to completely destroy Ar­nold, and she’ll stop at nothing to exact her revenge,” a longtime family friend told The ENQUIRER.“Maria says she’s suf­fered at Arnie’s hands for years, and he disgusts her.Nothing but total annihi­lation of his public image and private life will do.”
Heartbro­ken after learning her 63-year-old husband of 25 years had fathered a love child with the couple’s longtime housekeeper, Maria methodically laid out a plan to destroy him, sources say.“Her first move was to make sure Arnold is persona non grata with the Kennedy clan,” a second source said. “She had him banished from the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port and even Photoshopped his image out of dozens of family pictures.”Her next step will be to demand the actor-turned-politician’s settle their divorce, said the family friend.
 “If Arnold fights her, Maria has absolutely no compunction about taking him (out),” said the source.
 “If that happens, every one of Arnie’s dirty little secrets will come out.”Maria, 55, is asking for joint custody of the couple's two teen sons, Christopher, 13, and Patrick, 17.
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